ARCA becomes a Technical Partner of Legno&Edilizia

In the last few days, a partnership deal has been signed by ARCA Casa Legno srl and Piemmeti SpA, the Veronafiere trade fair company that organizes Legno&Edilizia. From 19 to 22 February 2015, the 9th Legno&Edilizia exhibition will take place at Verona exhibition centre.

It is the only Italian event of its kind that is entirely dedicated to wooden construction. 20,000 visitors are expected to head to Verona to see approximately 170 exhibitors in 15,000 m² of exhibition space.

ARCA Casa Legno is a subsidiary of Trentino Sviluppo. Its goal is to champion the wood, forestry and energy chain and promote high-quality wooden construction. It providesreliable, transparent validation through a certification scheme based on assessments of the energetic and structural performances of buildings, additional floors and extensions made of wood, thus helping to protect the people who live and work in them. ARCA runs the first Italian wooden building certification system, which was created with input from illustrious professors from the Engineering Department of the University of Trento and the National Research Council of Italy’s Trees and Timber Institute.

Under the new deal, ARCA has been named an official “Technical Partner” of Legno&Edilizia 2015. It is responsible for coordinating the convention programme at the event, which will feature a wide range of expert contributions. The professional associations of engineers, architects, assessors and surveyors of Verona and Veneto will also be involved and they will award training credits for some of the scheduled events.

In addition, ARCA will coordinate joint participation in the exhibition by its accredited companies. Furthermore, as part of the European Enterprise Network (EEN) scheme launched in partnership with Veneto Innovazione, Piemmeti and ARCA will organize visits by foreign delegations from the areas of greatest interest for exhibitors at Legno&Edilizia 2015.

Mauro Casotto is the Head of Development and Innovation Management at Trentino Sviluppo and the Sole Director of ARCA Casa Legno. He pointed out that “more than 60% of the Province of Trento is covered with forests and it is home to numerous outstanding businesses in areas ranging from tree felling and initial processing to the creation of complex products such as wooden houses.” Casotto went on to emphasize that “the system sets the benchmark for the entire sector and ARCA seeks to highlight all of its qualities. The partnership with Legno&Edilizia provides a perfect opportunity to continue promoting ARCA’s intrinsic culture of quality.”

Raul Barbieri, the CEO of Piemmeti, stated that “the agreement with ARCA underlines Legno&Edilizia’s status as a unique, unmissable event in the world of wooden construction. In addition to its purely commercial side, it provides the training, information and updates that are so crucial for anyone who wants to compete in a market which is still really struggling.”